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21 April, 2017

WHMP: 18 April 2017

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If you do not like gassy noises that are produced by the human body STOP READING!!

My morning started with a nice 5km walk around Lyrup followed by another delicious smoothie bowl.  A play date with Lochie with some of his little mates, a trip to the shops rounding off my day with some lovely feedback on how I’m progressing and reflections from others on both my physical and visual improvements but also my mental strength.  Tapped out at 10pm at slightly under 14,000 steps or 10km.

However, I have today discovered after my first attempt post-op to eat sausages that Percy is not a fan of the humble snag!  I made a delicious sausage hot pot which Lochie devoured and I struggled to get through half of my tiny portion.

It is sitting VERY VERY heavy and about an hour after dinner the burp-fest begun.  For the last hour I have been excessively burping ridiculously loud and hideous burps sounding like a drunken sailor or according to my mum a bloated rhinoceros! Percy says no to sausages!

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