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22 April, 2017

WHMP: 22 April 2017

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Today I traveled back to Adelaide from Mum’s place.   Because I knew my arse was going to be parked in the chair for multiple hours, I got up this morning and did a 5km walk enjoying the beautiful scenery before back to city walks.

Just in case a standard walk wasn’t enough for me I thought I would spice things up a bit and do some solo mud wrestling! Okay, okay, that sounds like too much fun and I in fact slipped on the wet muddy clay and went arse over tit!  Not at all graceful or elegant, in fact I am pretty sure I dropped like a sack of potatoes!

There were four positives out of my mud wrestling adventures:

  1. I wasn’t hurt
  2. It was on a vineyard track with no people or kangaroos around to witness
  3. I had to carry some extra weights for the last 1km of about 5kg of mud on my clothes and in my hair
  4. I had a massive abs workout from laughter when it happened and more so when I returned back to Mums and she cracked up in laughter seeing me.

Before my #mudgate situation I was absolutely delighted that the km split before that was my PB time by over 30 seconds.  A great sign of progression.

Food intake was less than desirable today as my normal 3 1/2 hours trip took nearly 5 hours thanks to a cranky and bored passenger in the back and since I didn’t eat my way through this stress I decided on coffee instead.  However, I think it wasn’t the greatest choice as it beyond bloated me and even had a cheeky vomit at Truro.  I think this was more because of the bite of Lochie’s chicken tender that was pure salt and oil.  Convenience foods are officially revolting!

A big thanks to my Mum for the last week but I’m glad to be back home.

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