WHMP: 26 April 2017

Weigh in Wednesday
This week – 1.1kg
Since surgery – 33.8kg
Total – 52.7kg

Once again I have stunned and prepared myself for a stall or a gain but once again my body continues to shock and astound myself.

So I have noticed a huge difference in one aspect of my life now the seasons are starting to change. Holy crap!!!!! I have NEVER in my life felt so cold.  Last night I spent the night curled up under a blanket rugged up.  Bedtime came and I don’t actually own any winter pajamas so snuggled down under the doona but had to get up in the middle of the night and put on a jumper.  My body is not used to less insulation and my goodness I am feeling the cold.  I am going to have to invest in winter pajams and some ugg boots.

My sneakers have come out of post mud-wrestling retirement and I went for a walk.  Because I was on a time schedule I didn’t get to do the full 5km I have been doing while at Mum’s place but I did still manage 2.5km in under 30 minutes and completely destroyed by average minutes/kilometer time personal best to an even 11:00.

Got home from my walk showered then got ready for work.  Prior to taking my weekly weigh in selfie I always take one with my numbers paper.  This morning I took it and had a what the hell moment and I am in complete disbelief that it is me.  Who is that person?  That can NOT possibly be me? She looks somewhat pretty and not like a beluga whale!  I see it with my own eyes but I just don’t believe it.  I did a comparative photo and I am honestly in shock at the difference as I just can’t see it.

I had a weight loss wardrobe malfunction at work today.  At one point today I looked down and only one of my shirt buttons was still done up, thank goodness I had a singlet underneath.  Clearly the button holes have been stretched from previously clinging on for dear life during my fuller state and now being the floaty top it is the buttons clearly float out of the designated button hole.

At about 3pm this afternoon at work I started flat-lining.  Holly of the past would have resorted to chocolate, lollies, chips or coffee.  But I didn’t want to resort to crap food choices and I have already had my coffee quota for the day so instead I decided to push myself and get the blood pumping and do a stair run (well walk actually).

I shocked myself and went without having a break at all.  I work on the 6th floor and went up to the roof top exit and then back down to the third floor and back up to the 6th floor again.  It took me a while to get my breathe back but I did it and I felt freaking amazing and it certainly woke me up and  I was alert for the rest of the day.

I know I get a lot of people telling me in the weight loss community that I’m smashing it and kicking so many goals today I feel like it.  Today I can hold my head high and say I am so very proud of myself, of my strength and determination to achieve what I have so far and I have the passion and motivation to continue until I reach my goals.