WHMP: 27 April 2017

I woke up this morning with the whole house still asleep so I decided to set off for a walk.  Managed 4km and in typical Holly style my walks always seem to have some kind of event to report on.

First thing was I passed someone.  I know it’s not a race and everyone goes at their own pace but I’m the womble that people normally steams past me.  Not today!!  This was a big achievement for me.  I have also discovered my pace is much faster when I am using my phone while watching the screen, this however does have two specific downfalls!

You miss the turn offs to the area that you know and you end up lost.  Thank goodness for Google maps!

It also poses somewhat of a safety risk, obviously I don’t use my phone while crossing the road but today walking down the footpath minding my own business I completely in a bubble and walked into a wheelie bin!  Lets hope the owners weren’t looking out the window or they would have had a good giggle.

I worked remotely today and going for a walk before work really gave me an amazing kick start to the day and my concentration and focus was totally on point, knocking out a colossal amount of work.  I can’t remember the last time I felt like I have had such a productive day.

Also snuck in an extra 2km walk after dinner to walk to the post office box to drop something in to the mail.  Day topped out with almost 6.5km.  This is a great start to the challenge I’ve agreed to talk part in doing 100km in 50 days. So today I’m dubbing as day 2.  Who is going to join me?

Day 1 – 4.2km, Day 2 – 6.5km, 2/50 – 10.7km