WHMP: 10 December 2017

Today was a special day. My biggest cheer leader, my biggest motivator, my little big love had his 6th birthday party! His birthday isn’t until the 19th December but we had a couple weeks early to try and beat the Christmas rush.

Today was also a great day to reflect on how much my life has changed.

At his last party (4th birthday) we had at home and I remember having to sit on an outdoor bench seat on my own because I didn’t fit into our outside setting chairs and I was secretly trying to enjoy as much yummy party food as possible without people really noticing. I don’t have any photo of us together at this party as I was clearly avoiding any camera.

He didn’t have a 5th birthday party as I was an irritable cow last year after doing 8 weeks of Opti-intense phase and his birthday being 2 days before surgery so had a small family catch up for his birthday. Again no photo of that birthday catch up.

The last photo I can find of him and I together at a birthday party was from his 3rd birthday. So this is us three years apart.

Today was not the challenge that I thought I was going to have. Today I celebrate life and that means any macros, any calorie counting, any nutritional requirement today went out the window. Today I ate party food without a care in the world, without guilt, without hesitation and best of all without it arguing back and reappearing.

Sleeve life means that I no longer diet, I don’t have cheat days or naughty days and I no longer have or accept food shame from others or more importantly from myself.

Sleeve life means that I have made the decision to change my life and I chose everything in moderation.

So if at my son’s birthday party I want to have a party sausage roll, a cocktail Frankfurt, a couple wedges and a slice of cake then I will have it. Yes I didn’t eat what I normally for my everyday food choices ┬ábut today I ate moderation foods…..in tea party portions!