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14 December, 2017

WHMP: 14 December 2017

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Thursday morning means it’s time to pay for some early morning torture….it’s PT morning!! I am so grateful that I have found Anita, she gets me! Pushes me beyond limits that I didn’t know I had without hurting myself, she is motivating, encouraging and supporting while I continue to sweat, grunt, sweat, cuss, curse and hurdle abuse at her (in a light hearted fun way) for the entire session!

Not a bad kick start to my day!

Today I wore one of the Calvin Klein dresses I was gifted from a sleeve sister today, this will sadly be its last outing as it’s not too baggy. But I’m glad I have found another person to pay it forward and pass on the dresses to someone else to enjoy.

When I was in the bathroom I had a “holy crap” moment! I saw myself profile and for the first time that I can EVER remember that I thought that I didn’t look thick through the middle.

While I am disappointed by THAT number over the last few weeks today I am celebrating that I am learning to appreciate my new emerging shape. Yes I clearly still have a journey ahead of me but wow just wow – look how far I have come!! Who wouldn’t be proud of that!

Despite starting my day with my session with the torturer I decided it wasn’t enough. I had a meeting this afternoon in North Adelaide at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and instead of catching a taxi to and from the office, I used my legs to get there doing a 5km and 550 calorie round trip.

I got my Protein Supplies Australia order arrived today and super excited to get my new singlet. Standard sizes, no plus size in sight, and it fits! Who would of thought!! And dare I say it, have a look at my jawline…..where on earth did that come from???

And what better way to finish off a good day than to have a super delicious dessert which looks so good that it looks deceptively naughty when it is in fact the completely opposite! Sleeve life doesn’t mean I go without, it means I make better choices.

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