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3 December, 2017

WHMP: 3 December 2017

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Sunday morning started with a session at the gym dragging along a good friend with me to hook in the gym torture….I mean fun!

760 calories and some more treadmill jogging later I got home and stuffed! Had a family day at Marion shopping centre and came home at 2pm realised that I hadn’t eaten all day….oopsy!

Eventually ended up zonking out on the couch for 30 minutes, even after a quick lunch that was no doubt due to low calorie energy lulls!

Tonight I was heading out for dinner with a group of lovely of current and ex work colleagues and friends! Talk about anxiety central!! I haven’t seen 3 of these lovely ladies in months and man oh man was I freaking out about their reactions to seeing me. Would they notice any difference? Had I disappointed them in not having more substantial changes in my appearance? What the heck do I wear? Does this look ok? Every possible question of self doubt pretty much went through my head! The mind games are real!

All of that anxiety was completely unwarranted and stressed myself out over nothing at all! Needless to say this bunch of beautiful incredible women had nothing but pride and support!

Had a lovely dinner out and I even had a glass of wine. The only downfall was that they bought me a main despite only ordering an entree. Guess I looked like I needed a bigger serve…..now I have food for days lol

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