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5 December, 2017

WHMP: 5 December 2017

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5.45am start to my day! It was so much easier to get up that time of the day when I went to bed much earlier than I normally do!

Head off to the gym doing 20 minutes on the cross trainer, 15 minutes interval running on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the stair master and finishing off with a 10 minute cool down on the bike!

I pushed myself hard today! 954 calories burnt hard! My heart rate topping out at 172 hard! Having to exercise ‘blind’ because I had to take my glasses off as they were continually fogging up from how hot I was hard!

What an awesome but exhausting kick start to my day! I would have never dreamed even a month ago I would have been able to push myself this hard and somewhat enjoy it!

Another day at work! Nothing hugely exciting except getting a truck load more work to do! I ran into one of my old work colleagues in the lift who I haven’t seen in over 18 months. We worked together for 3 years – I had to actually reintroduce myself to him to the response “holy crap Holly, I wouldn’t have recognised you in a million years”.

It really is such a weird and slightly backhanded compliment when you completely look like a different person.

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