WHMP: 9 December 2017

Today was a big milestone in my journey.

I have often felt my dearly beloved sister has been either disengaged or unaware of the huge changes I have been making as a result of my sleeve without a huge amount of feedback. But specifically over the last couple months she has really been supportive and encouraging which has been really great for me to experience and rewarding for me to hear as I value her opinion so much more than she probably realises.

Today her support came in the form of coming to the gym and doing a work out with me. To be honest I was completely terrified and excited at the same time. My sister has always been fit, active and healthy without any weight issues in her life and is in fact an ex-professional state netball player. Would I cope? Would I survive? Would I embarrass myself? Would I disappoint her with what I could and more importantly couldn’t do?

Well I did it, we did it together 😀

  • 9km on the interactive bikes
  • 15 minutes interval running on the treadmill
  • 10 minutes on stair master
  • 30 minutes weights, including 9 sets of battle ropes (FYI…ouchies and YUK)
  • 10 minute cool down on the bikes

What an intense, massive calorie burning but rewarding way to start my day!!

This afternoon I had the opportunity to head into the Wakefield Hospital and visit a friend who has just joined the bench also.

It’s so nice to be able to share my experiences (and protein powder) with a friend who is embarking on the rollercoaster in front of him. He’s strong, he’s committed, he’s on the right track and I know he’s going to succeed!

On the way back to the car, I have a confession to make! I was checking myself out in the reflection of my car window….I do not recognise this figure, but I kind of like it!!