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16 January, 2018

WHMP: 16 January 2018

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The fractured toe fog is starting to lift!

Yesterday was day 10 post fracture so it was a big event for me, the day I got to attempt real enclosed toe shoes! And I got through the day, I might have been hobble and uncomfortable but I made it 😀

So with the all clear on shoes this morning there was only one place that I wanted to be! In my sneakers and back at the gym! 5.30am my alarm went off, so off I hobbled to the gym, still not even close to be being fully back on deck….but I am relieved to be back!

I did 20 minutes cardio on the arm cycling thingo, well that’s not fun.

I also tried the mountain climber machine for about 5 minutes and damn that thing is all sorts of heart racing torture!! While I on the climber my arse my basically in my bestie gym buddy’s face which she cheekily commented on my changing bum shape and the fact that I am an emerging shapely peachy booty. Lol, I NEVER thought I would hear the day I had a good looking booty!!

Caught up with my amazing PT Anita, who has become so much more than just my PT. She is also my exercise mentor, inspiration, recipe tester and my friend. I think she was an excited to see me back as I was to be back! And she even checked out the booty goodies once Lisa pointed it out to her.

Finished off doing upper body weights, it’s very frustrating that it’s all I am limited to for he next 3-4 weeks until I get be fully back on deck as despite working hard I still couldn’t get to my minimum calorie burn of 800 that I like to reach each workout.

Off to work feeling happy to be back, confident in my emerging self and somewhat peachy……

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