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About C4K Kitchen


On 2 June 2014 I was reflecting on the journey that I had been through as a first time mum. I had far from an easy road and one of the biggest battles I had was about food and what to feed my son who during his first year was nasal gastric fed as well as normal oral food intake due to health reasons.

That day I decided that I wanted to start my own personal “pay it forward” project in which my goal was to help at least one other new mum with relieving some stresses in the kitchen by creating a forum that not only published tried and recipes suitable for children but also went one step further. I wanted to create an online forum that was a supportive non-judgemental friendly forum where all mums, dad and any other carer could go to seek positive advice on this crazy journey called parenthood. So on 2 June 2014 the Cooking for Kids (C4K) facebook page was born.

Fast forward the clock 12 months to 2015, I could have never anticipated the success of C4K or the level of enthusiasm there is for a forum like C4K with the membership exceeding 10,000 members on it’s first birthday. Due to the successes of C4K, I have decided it is time to further extend the C4K brand that I have created and I am proud to launch the C4K Kitchen.

C4K Kitchen will continue to develop over time with the first instalment being the C4K Kitchen Website and the development of the first C4K cookbook “My Family Favourites by C4K Kitchen”.

I sincerely hope you and your family enjoy this collection of recipes available of C4K Kitchen and that they can bring a little relief to that uncomfortable time of the day when you think to yourself “I wonder what I am going to cook for dinner” or “I wonder what to pack in the kids lunchbox”/

Loving partner and mother of one who is on a journey to help and support others.