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When Holly Met Percy


In late 2016, I decided that I need to refocus on myself and after years and years of battling my weight issues and as a result my health and happiness was failing as well as my capabilities as a loving and mum and partner.  In October 2016 I turned my life around making some massive lifestyle changes, particularly around food and diet but also extending to my mental health with instilling a positive mindset as well as understanding my triggers for my poor choices in the past.  This has all lead up to 21 December 2016 where I underwent a gastric sleeve procedure through the Adelaide Bariatric Centre and Percy my previous little pouch was born.

This procedure is the tool that I needed to facilitate and support the new healthy and natural lifestyle.  I am now 4 months post operatively and I have lost a massive 51kg, I still have more to lose however I am not upset by this, I am excited by the opportunities losing each extra kg will provide to me.  I have more energy than I have had in years, I am sleeping better, I am eating natural and clean and I am not only participating in physical activities, I am actually enjoying them!

This section of the C4K Kitchen website will have a copy of my daily journal documenting my sleeve adventures.

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