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22 January, 2018

WHMP: 22 January 2018

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The bitch is back…..OK OK so I’m not really a bitch but I’M BACKKKKKKK!!!

Yesterday was an anxiety filled day for me! A family outing to the beach. Not only was it the little man’s first beach adventure it was also public exposure to me in bathers!!

My nerves were on an all time high alert freaking out more than is healthy but I did it and we both had an awesome time in the process. I have to stop and cherish these moments spent running around and playing in the water with him as 12 months ago this simply wouldn’t have happened. I wouldn’t have taken him to the beach and if I did I certainly would have NEVER been able to keep up with him!

Today is when I really feel like I’m back on my game! Back at the gym.

Back running again and back smashing out massive calorie burning workouts!

I did 20 minutes on the bike cycling a cheeky 8.5km, 5 minutes on the stair master and then I knocked out 3 sets of the below workout finishing off with 15 minutes on the treadmill doing 30 second interval running.


It’s safe to say I have been officially bitten with the exercise bug and these endorphins get my day started in the best possible and positive way.

Monday means I’m back at work. I had my regular forthrightly meeting at the women’s & children’s hospital and since I was feeling good I braved the heat and walked there and back again burning another cheeky 580 calories in the process.

I had the funniest conversation while I was there, one of the nursing directors hasn’t seen me in probably about 6 weeks and declared that I was looking “deliciously slim”. I can honestly say I was in hysterics laughing at such an amazingly unique compliment. And I can honestly say for my reply once I stopped laughing was to say thank you and I didn’t once think about making a fat joke or a joke deflecting away with humour.

So this is me, looking deliciously slim…….

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